Benton Pena

Benton Pena

I'm Benton Pena, and welcome to my website Benton @ technology + culture + life. Here, I explore the fascinating intersection of technology, culture, and life itself. As a technology expert and data scientist, I thrive on uncovering insights and discovering innovative solutions. With a background in trade engineering and prompt engineering, I have honed my skills in problem-solving and critical thinking. As an SEO/SEM specialist, I am passionate about digital marketing strategy, using my hacker's mindset to enhance online presence. Beyond technology, I am a musician and photography enthusiast. An elastic thinker, biker, and beach lover, I enjoy embracing all aspects of life, blurring the boundaries between them. Join me on this journey as we explore everything in between.

ChatGPT and the Decline of Culture

Discover the impact of ChatGPT on culture and communication. Dr. Jeffrey Bilbro challenges the rise of LLMs, arguing that their impersonal nature threatens our ability to write, think critically, and appreciate good literature. Learn why relying on ChatGPT may lead to a decline in our cultural heritage.

The Transformation of Cabarete: A Popular Destination for Digital Nomads

Discover the transformation of Cabarete, a sought-after destination for digital nomads. Explore the challenges faced by both nomads and locals, and the social and cultural changes that have occurred. Learn about government policies, property prices, privatization of beaches, and conflicts within the community. Find out how Cabarete is balancing the needs of digital nomads and the local population for sustainable development. Discover alternative digital nomad destinations in the Dominican Republic and around the world.

Top AI-based gadgets for enhancing everyday experiences

Discover the top 10 AI-based gadgets for enhancing everyday experiences. From the Fingerbot to the Nobi Smart Lamp, these innovative devices are designed to simplify and elevate your daily routines. Join us on this exciting journey as we explore the cutting-edge technology behind these remarkable gadgets.