Yep, someone has made music from a fidget spinner

You might be already very familiar with the work of YouTuber Andrew Huang

He’s attained quite a following for making music out of unconventional things, like water, or “99 Red Balloons” composed entirely by balloons

Despite all that, all his fans want to see is him make music from fidget toys. “This has gotta be one of my most requested videos of all time,” Huang exclaims. And so, here we are.

Being an instrument that doesn’t make much noise apart from a whirr and a click, it works best for a “minimal techno” track, and Huang’s effort ends up being close to a tune you’d hear on record label Perlon.

Huang still needs to be precise when it comes to recording the sound from a fidget spinner: It needs to be “really up close [to the microphone], and on that perfect sideways angle,” he said. 

Then you’ll need some sort of music sequencing program to stitch it all together, and turn the bass up to boost the fidget spinner’s “low humming note.”

Yeah, so it’s a lot of effort. Hopefully that’ll turn you away from the idea of a fidget spinner techno collective, if that wasn’t a dark enough thought already.

[h/t The Verge]

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