The most expensive car you “can’t” buy

Not all of us are rich enough to have a Rolls Royce automobile parked in our garage… but this stunner of a car isn’t for sale. The Rolls Royce Sweptail isn’t a concept, but rather, it’s tailor-made for one RR patron who wanted a luxury car that was comparable to that of a yacht.

Designed with Rolls Royce’s signature styling on the front, you’ll notice a rather large overhang on the back, and a styling that almost resembles the hull of a racing yacht. It even comes with the number 08 on the front and back, giving it more of a racing yacht touch. Despite its large, dominating, extravagant build, the Sweptail only has room for two on the inside. How’s that for lavish?

The video above gives a beautiful demonstration of exactly how bespoke the car is. Aside from designing work being done with utmost care, the entire car is built and put together almost by hand, in a move that brings the brand back to making bespoke luxury coachbuilt cars.

Rolls Royce has been pretty hush-hush about the price of this beauty. Upon being asked, CEO Torsten Müller-Ötvös replied that the Sweptail was “substantially expensive”. Coming from the CEO of a company known to make the most expensive luxury rides in the world, that probably means a LOT!

Designer: Rolls-Royce









from Yanko Design