See how much fat you’re burning just by breathing out

Using a weighing scale to keep track of your weight is tricky. Your body can lose water, muscle or fat, but the scale simply picks up your overall weight. It doesn’t reflect your gym obsession or fat loss with any accuracy. LEVL is a new portable device that analyses your breath to tell you if your body is in fat-burning mode. A white box holds a proprietary nano sensor that checks your breath for the level of acetone, a molecule that your body releases when it goes into fat burning mode, or ketosis. This isn’t the first time we’ve seen tech like this: in 2013, NTT DoCoMo demonstrated something remarkably similar.

The process is simple: Breathe in, breathe out into the inhaler and place it in a white device for an instant reading of the acetone concentration. There is an accompanying app that tracks your analysis to help you maintain a record of your readings over time. The app provides analysis of the amount of calories (and, by extension, pounds) burned during the day. In many ways, the only thing that LEVL provides is a vague indication that your weight-loss regime is working or not. But is that really something you would want or need to monitor to such an obsessive level? We’re not entirely sure.

Daniel Cooper contributed to this report.

from Engadget