NIU’s Latest E-scooters are a Bright Future for Two-wheel-transportation

NIU’s literally been making waves. With its scooters having clocked in over a billion kilometers worldwide, NIU is officially the largest e-scooter company in the world. Sporting a lovable design (courtesy NIU’s Design VP and personal design hero Carl Liu) that feels like the Vespa got modern touch and some incredible under-the-hood upgrades, NIU hopes to reimagine electric two-wheeling.

Launching not one, but two models simultaneously, NIU’s NGT promises to be the company’s most powerful model yet, and the M+ powerful mobility with a rider as well as a pillion passenger.

Armed with a 3kW Bosch motor, and not one, but two 60V 35Ah (that’s 35,000mAh) batteries courtesy Panasonic, the NGT is sleek, and comes with a bold racing stripe that’s slightly offset, giving it a speedy vibe. The incredibly powerful Bosch motor lets the NGT hit speeds of 70km/h, while the dual battery setup gives it a range of over 100km, which means realistically, you’d need to charge your batteries twice in the entire week. The removable batteries can be easily plugged into a power outlet and juiced to 100% in just over 3 hours, or before lunch, as the narrator in the video says!

The M+ focuses on a rider+passenger experience, delivering a stellar 100km range even with two passengers. The M+ comes with a 1.2kW Bosch motor that gives the bike a top speed of 45k/h, while the battery on the inside is a lightweight 48V, 42Ah Panasonic Li-Ion battery that weighs a mere 11 kilos and can easily be detached and carried around anywhere. The M+ also features a cruise-control feature that lets you take your hand off the throttle as the scooter continues gliding at the same speed.

Both the NGT and M+ come packed with features that make the electric scooter a smart one. With a dashboard that’s completely reinvented for modern-day travel, and an app that syncs with the scooter to provide notifications like scooter health, battery status, and even a GPS function (to locate your vehicle) along with an anti-theft feature, the NIU NGT and M+ revolutionize electric two-wheel travel. And it helps that they come with an aesthetic and design that’s multiple-award-winning!

Designer: Carl Liu

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Today, NIU is introducing the all-new NGT and M+; two smart electric scooters that bring you the perfect balance of speed and range. Since all of their scooters are connected, you can check things like location, estimated riding range, and even anti-theft alerts straight from your phone.


NIU have been designing and building smart electric scooters since 2015. In just three short years, their scooters have clocked more than 1 billion kilometers across the globe.


The NGT is their most powerful scooter. The NGT has a 3kW Bosch motor that cranks out a top speed of 70km/h, and a range of well over 100 km thanks to its two removable Panasonic batteries. You can easily drive all week on just a single charge of your batteries.


The NPro is the addition you were all asking for. It is an NGT that is capped at 45 km/h. No other differences, exactly the same specs. So in countries like Germany, you only need a car license to drive it, NOT a motorbike license. You asked, they listened.


The M+ is the newest model in their M-Series: winner of 5+ International Design Awards. It’s sexy, practical and built for 2 riders. The M+ effortlessly zips around urban streets, boulevards and alleys at 45 km/h with a real city riding range of well over 100 km.


The NGT and M+ are both equipped with industry-leader BOSCH brushless hub mounted 3kW and 1.2kW motors respectively. The BOSCH 3kW motor easily accelerates up to 70 km/h.


The NGT and M+ are electrified by their Panasonic Lithium-ion removable battery packs. A single charge takes just 3.5 hours and provides a range of well over 100 km of riding. At under 14/11 kg respectively, you can easily carry the battery into your home and charge it in any standard wall outlet, just like your computer.


The NGT and M+ have an on-board computer that constantly communicates with the cloud so you can view real-time data on your smart phone like GPS, recent rides, and even anti-theft alerts. They also provide regular Over The Air Updates (OTA) that gets you the most updated software for your scooter.


The NGT comes standard with CBS for safe-braking at high speeds. Both the NGT and M+ come equipped with regenerative EBS braking, which effectively adds around 5% more range on a single charge.




NIU technology is making congestion and traffic problems of the past. Start your day with a fun commute that saves money, time and even helps the environment.


Urban parking is always stressful. As cities cut down on parking spaces, the practicality of owning a scooter makes finding a spot unnecessary. With NIU, you can park closer to your destination for little to no cost at all.


Weighing in at less than 14 kg and 11 kg respectively, their NGT and M+ batteries are easy to carry to and from your scooter. You can charge at home, or charge at the office and your boss will be paying for your “electric gas”.


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