“Mounted Chimeras” Features Fantastic Creatures “Made” Through Multiple Exposures

“Mounted Chimeras” demonstrates one of the most interesting and clever uses of analog double/multiple exposures we’ve seen so far.

Ever wanted to make something different using double or even multiple exposures with film cameras? Something that’s not a silhouette of someone set against cityscapes or flowers? We’ve found an interesting project that makes use of this beloved analog technique in a rather fantastic way — creating surreal, mythological creatures.

Aptly titled Mounted Chimeras, Italian photographer and filmmaker Silvia Kuro describes her project as “an analog photography bestiarium where fantastic animals, trapped inside museums, are created with multiple exposures on BW film.” Indeed, her creatures will tickle the imagination: an ostrich with the head of an antelope, a deer with the body of a cheetah, and a great horn bill with the body of what looks like a deer. With every creature — or Chimera — seamlessly “made” without post-production or manipulation, one can’t help but wonder about the ideas and process behind the project.

Kuro is currently raising $3,437 for Mounted Chimeras on Kickstarter, with the funds going to films and chemicals for making new Chimeras and printing a book. On the campaign, she described how the project began with a random visit in a zoology museum and seeing there some taxidermy animals. She also became inspired by the many representations of animals in prehistoric art, including peculiar petroglyphs and paintings of human-animal hybrids.

Likewise, the bestiarium of the Middle Ages, with its draws and descriptions of both real and fantastic animals, became another source of inspiration for the project. “This approach was dictated by the few notices of travellers about some of the animals, for example the crocodile was often drawn with ears and body similar to a dog. The manticore instead was a creature from Persia, the body was that of a lion, scorpion’s tail and human head!”

If this project is something you’d like to support, head to the Mounted Chimeras Kickstarter campaign to learn more and make your pledge.


All images from the Kickstarter campaign by Silvia Kuro


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