Most Buzzed Designs of May 2016

Below you’ll find the most popular designs we’ve tracked over the last 30 days – an overview of designs you shouldn’t have missed in May 2016.


The Bend is a medical finger-splint with a revolutionary design. Finger bone fractures can be painful, however dislocations of bones isn’t just about pain, if not treated well, you could lose functionality of that finger for life. The bend makes use of a polymer’s tensile strength, and clever design to provide a medical solution that is not just effective, it’s non-invasive too. Deviating from current medical procedures that require surgery, the Bend just needs a long fingernail. A piece of thread is tied to the fingernail at one end, and the Bend splint at the other. The string is then wound around the splint, so that the finger is pulled into shape again, allowing the bones to align properly. The bend even allows for finger movement, letting the patient heal as well as recover from the injury as quick as possible!


This design, simply called Scooter, finally offers adults the same fun way of getting around that kids have been enjoying for years without the stigma of being… well… lame! This modern, big-size kick scooter also includes an electric motor that can propel the rider surprisingly long distances.


“M1″ doesn’t aim to redefine the scuba or reinvent the snorkel. It’s something entirely new and unlike any other underwater breathing apparatus! The design allows users to take one additional breath when diving, extending their time underwater by one minute.


The P`6400 is positioned as a Neowatch, an evolved timepiece dedicated to displaying and giving access to information that matters. The watch also comes with an analogue rotating dial that runs around the face of the watch.


Sphere Drone by nepdesign is the big-daddy of that drone. Overwhelmingly pretty, it takes on a more organic shape, giving the drone a sort of alien-ish vibe.


The Asome is a tiny bluetooth module that you can attach your headphones to. It then connects to your music source via Bluetooth, creating a bridge, allowing your music to stream wirelessly.


Light may travel in a straight line, but the Spiral lamp collection doesn’t! This elegant series of sculptural luminaires is a literal twist on pendant and wall sconce style lighting. The artistic design is made possible with modern, flexible LED light strips wrapped in a warm wood veneer.


Moonlight is a sleeve for cigarettes that allows the users to set their lit cigarette anywhere, even on paper! Made of a double-hollow casing, it collects ash to empty later. Best of all, it makes cigarettes completely fire-proof!


The Ego “smart” chair lets you put your own twist on the design in a simple and fun way! Mix up the color scheme or create a different pattern simply by rearranging the position of the cushion elements to give it an entirely new look!


This concrete cat/dog bed is made of ultra strong concrete, it’s form-poured and cured to its bowl shape in which pets will love to cozy up. Elevated on three slim, wood legs, it’s also easy to move and clean around.

from Yanko Design