A New Study Found Your Girl Wants To Bone Way More Than You Think, So What Are You Doing Here Not Boning?




Why aren’t you boning now? Because your girl’s at the office? Doing email? And you think that she doesn’t want to bone because she’s doing email at the office?

That ain’t true. That ain’t true at all. She wants to be doing you. Not email.

At least that’s the findings from a new study in the Journal of Personality and Social Psychology that found the girl you’re with — wife, girlfriend — wants to fucking BONE.

Right now.

Here’s the kicker from the study’s abstract:

In 3 dyadic studies, we provide evidence that men in established romantic relationships err in the direction of the opposite bias and underperceive their romantic partner’s sexual desire.

So you may think she doesn’t wanna bone, but she totally does wanna bone.

So fucking bone, yo.

Lot better than doing email, that’s for damn sure.

(As always please confirm her desire to bone before boning.)

The research comes by way of Canada, the University of Toronto and the University of Western Ontario to be specific. They looked at 229 couples to determine who was in the mood to screw. And what they found is that both man and woman want to fuck.

Fucking cray.

The interesting part, the study found, is that men are sad little insecure little bitches when it come to fucking in a relationship.

From Fusion:

The authors offer a few explanations [for the phenomena]. First, they write, men tend to underestimate how often their partner wants sex as a way to avoid rejection. For example, on days when a man’s motivation to avoid sexual rejection was high, he tended to underperceive his partner’s sexual desire.

**makes pouty face** “I want to have sex but I don’t want to ask my wife because she might say no so I’m just gonna go jerk off in the bathtub and hope she doesn’t hear me.”

God. We’re fucking losers.

Check that. We’re not fucking losers.

But we could be.

[Via Slate]

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