KnowRoaming’s money-saving sticker SIM goes hardware-free

KnowRoaming’s magical SIM sticker auto-detected when your phone was working outside its home territory, switching to local carriers and saving you a bunch of money in the process. What’s smaller than a sticker that goes on your existing SIM card, though? No sticker at all. in a collaboration with Alcatel (and TCL), it’s announced a Soft SIM software platform, which sounds duller than it actually is. In short, it means no SIM tinkering necessary, and your phone will automatically link up with whatever network it needs to deliver voice, data and SMS services.

There are some provisos, however. KnowRoaming is collaborating with TCL Communications to launch the platform and while Alcatel / TCL sell a lot of phones, plenty of those are feature phones and plenty more are China-only. But if KnowRoaming can get its soft-SIM software on other carriers and phones, it could be the dream solution. As the CEO puts it: "We’re a one-stop shop for global connectivity." Network selection, call routing and billing is all done through the single company, regardless of where your vacation or business trip sends you to. While China is the first launch country, the company aims to roll out the service to the US and further after that. Until then, you’re stuck with the sticker.

from Engadget