Here’s What Could Happen To Your Body If You Keep Drinking So Much Coffee

tired man coffee


Everything is fine in moderation. Unfortunately, people are terrible judges when it comes to moderation, and some people can’t even spell the word.

Coffee, in moderation, is fine. It could even be beneficial to overall health. If you drink coffee at the correct time, it works. If you’re drinking it all day long, it’s doing absolutely nothing. It could even slowly be killing you on the inside.

In this entertaining little video, Life Noggin discusses what would happen if coffee were the only thing a person consumed in a day and postulated on how much coffee it would take to OD on java.

There’s a good chance you’re at least ingesting some food along with your constant double espressos, but you’re more than likely wasting money. How about saving cash by investing in a machine for home and drinking a little less, so you don’t just up and die one day at Starbucks.

[via Laughing Squid]