Dave Bautista Tripped Entering The Ring At WrestleMania 35 And Immediately Got Turned Into An A+ Meme

Dave Bautista Tripped Entering WrestleMania 35 Ring, Got Turned Into A Meme

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Dave Bautista faced his old buddy Triple H in a rather brutal farewell match at WrestleMania 35, even getting his nose-ring ripped out with a pair of pliers by The Game before finally succumbing to a sledghammer to the skull and a Pedigree.

Yes, that nose-ring thing really happened.

Following the match the 50-year-old Bautista took to social media to thank the WWE fans for all of their support over the years.

“To all the @wwe fans across the world that gave me the opportunity to suspend your disbelief, thank you,” he wrote. “From the biggest part of my heart thank you for letting me entertain you. Tonight was my story book ending and I wanted to leave you with all I had to give. I’ll miss this theater of violence more than I can express in words but I am officially retiring from Sports Entertainment. I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished, I leave in great health, and without a doubt the show will go on. I had a hell of a run. Thank you for the journey ✌🏼#dreamchaser #wrestlemania35.”

However, before Triple H had even made his annual overblown ring entrance, Bautista entered the ring looking like a completely green jabroni, tripping over the middle rope and so became WrestleMania 35’s most enduring meme.


Mission accomplished.

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