Creative Crustacean Contraptions!


There are a handful of companies that make products playful, exciting, and emotive. Kikkerland is easily one of them. It has an inventive style, and its products are designed to be lovable!

Take for instance the Crab. Most people look at Swiss Knives and see multi-tools, but not Kikkerland! The Crab puts a visual twist on the multi-tool, transforming it entirely into a crustacean in a way that seems almost natural, and something you’d expect from a child’s mind.

The Crab comes with a beechwood body and 6 multitools, comprising a pair of scissors, a bottle opener, a 3/16 flat head screwdriver, a can opener, a mini knife, and a rope saw. Fold them up to make the multi-tool look compact, like a meditating crab. The minute you need a helping hand (or claw), unfold the crab’s many arms and it’ll show you just how useful it is!

Designer: Scratch Design for Kikkerland

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from Yanko Design