69-Year-Old Surfer Hippie Has Life All Figured Out, Quit His Job As A Cop To Travel, Surf, And Sell Oysters

Bruce Gold is amongst the last of a dying breed. In his 20’s Bruce was a policeman, but he reached a crossroads at which he knew that life wasn’t for him, and he needed to strike out on the open road. So he quit his job and moved to world famous Jeffreys Bay in South Africa, one of the top surfing destinations in the world.

Instead of working that 9-to-5 grind like most of us he decided the best way to provide for life’s essentials was to gather oysters in Jeffreys Bay and sell them in the local pubs, and to the traveling surfers (Btw, 9-to-5 actually seems great, I’m usually working the 8-to-7 grind in order to bring you bros the best content every day here on BroBible).

At 69-years-old Bruce Gold is still living the dream, and I kind of wish I’d have never learned about his life but here we are, and now I’m thinking about what it’d take for me to unplug and follow that life right there.


1) I love surfing.
2) I love being in, on, or near the water more than anything.
3) Oysters are my favorite food.
4) I’ve been a travelin’ fool ever since my parents took my on my first abroad trip when I was barely a preteen.
5) This man is living my dream.
6) The only reason I have to not drop it all and follow in this bro’s footsteps are, well, my entire life.

I’m always envious when I read stories about people like Bruce, and I figured this was a great story to share with you bros on an otherwise insignificant Tuesday.

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