These Are People’s Top 10 Sex Fears, And Unsurprisingly One Of Them Is F’d Up Body Hair

Let’s be honest here, bros, when you’re getting naked with some chick for the first time in anticipation of bumping uglies there can be some trepidation, fear of the unknown. Does she have an Amazonian jungle going on down there? Should I be worried about STI/Ds? What happens if the condom breaks? Do I even need a condom? Is this going to suck or be awesome?

Well, our colleagues over at uncovered this recent study about what the average person’s top 10 biggest sex fears are, this way when you read through the list you can know that you’re not alone in your fear of things that go bump in the night:

I guess we’re all worried where our partners have been, and that’s probably a good thing because it’d go against human nature to dive dong-first into a big ol’ pile of crabs. It’s healthy to be cautious, and we’re not alone in our fears of STIs.

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(via Super Drug Online Doctor)

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