Yves Béhar Designed a Smart Turntable with Brains & Beauty

Attention, audiophiles: Impressing your party guests with your vinyl record collection just got a little bit easier, thanks to Love, a new smart turntable that is Bluetooth and WiFi-compatible and links to your smart phone, headphones, receivers and speakers.

The audio-delivering portable device—touted as “the world’s first intelligent turntable”—enhances the vintage design of old-school record players with a tech twist and can be operated with or without the use of apps in order to control the volume, repeat and skip songs, record, pause, change the RPM speeds and display the album cover.

We’re anxious to add this nostalgia-inspired device to our record lover’s roundup, but we’re even more eager to examine the way Love works. After users place a record on the accompanying record base and mount Love atop the immobilized record, the device spins counterclockwise and scans the vinyl for details like record speed and song information. The device is outfitted with a traditional cartridge and a stylus that enable its musical playback capabilities. Users can simply tap Love to power the device on or off and select tracks, or they can use the app.

The credit for Love’s creation goes to industrial designer Yves Béhar for reinvigorating our obsession with all things vintage. According to Love Turntable Inc. CEO CH Pinhas, Love is exactly the breath of fresh air that audio technology and vinyl record owners need at the moment.

“Although audio technology has made incredible strides over the last 40 years, the traditional turntable has remained relatively unchanged,” Pinhas said. “Record sales have spiked over 60 percent in recent years, but nearly half of the people who own vinyl records don’t play them. Our goal is to make it simple for anyone to enjoy the natural melodies and pure traditional sound of analog through the convenience of modern-day technology.”

To learn more about Love, check out its Kickstarter campaign.

from Apartment Therapy http://ift.tt/2jPoDSP