Year In Review: Our Top Stories From 2016

2016 was a year for breaking records, breaking new ground, and (in some cases) breaking gear. More than 1,000 stories hit our homepage this year. These 12 were the most popular we published.

Artificial ‘Gills’ Scam Comes Clean

A week after we uncovered the Triton Gills Indiegogo scam, the company came clean and refunded nearly $900,000 to its backers. The company’s initial campaign made all but impossible claims of a mouth-size underwater breathing apparatus that, had it been legitimate, would have revolutionized underwater sports and professions.

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Meet The Airstream Basecamp

When Airstream announced a new trailer that campers could pull behind small SUVs, we jumped on the story. At just over 2,500 lbs., the Basecamp is svelte enough to be towed by the crossovers and small SUVs many adventurers now drive.

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Did Unknown Hiker Just Break AT Record?

Kaiha Bertollini made waves in the outdoors world with claims of a new Appalachian Trail thru-hike record. Check that, every new thru-hike record. Much doubt has since been cast on her alleged self-supported achievement, but we spoke with Bertollini to hear her side of the unprecedented (and unlikely) trek.

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Best In Show: Winter Outdoor Retailer

From “indestructible” socks to breakthrough, ice-gripping rubber soles, we selected the best of the best from January’s Outdoor Retailer winter market.

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Canada’s 24,000km Trail, Longest In The World

Hiking, running, biking, and kayaking, the Trans-Canada Trail will span the continent north-to-south and east-to-west. When it opens in 2017, this will be the longest trail system in the world.

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A Car-Top Tent Changed The Way I Camp

Our editor drove his truck from Denver to Alaska, staying in a truck-top tent all along the way. The results made him a believer.

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$179 Walmart MTB Carnage

This was far and away the most shared and viewed video we posted this year, and for good reason. Mountain biker Phil Kmetz shows the real differences between an expensive bike and a Walmart buy the best way he can: by ripping it down some serious singletrack.

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Forge To Fine Art: Blacksmith Aaron Cergol

Readers loved this look behind the haft at a modern-day metal worker. We learned how Aaron Cergol makes art through the age-old craft of blacksmithing.

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Best In Show For 2017: Summer Outdoor Retailer

Paddle boards with pedals, asymmetrical shoes, and an eco-friendly jacket that might actually be a game-changer: The OR summer market gave us (and you) a lot to look forward to in gear for next year.

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20 Top Adventure-Mobiles

We were in attendance at the Biltmore Estates in Asheville, N.C., for Overland Expo East. There, we got a look at some of the coolest and most rugged adventure-mobiles on the planet. It was also a truck-top, tent-lover’s dream!

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The Best Independent Gear Shops In The USA

We got wind of a video series titled “The Innovation Project” that profiled a number of independent outdoor retail stores. We decided to showcase some of the featured shops and a few of our own personal favorites from around the country.

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‘Arrowhead 135’ In Photos

This photo essay from one of our editors sheds light on one of the most brutal winter endurance events in the world. This year marked the 12th installment of the 135-mile bike/run/ski race across northern Minnesota.

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