Women Revealed Some Of The Seemingly Odd Qualities Men Can Have That Make Them More Attractive

Women Revealed Things Men Do Make More Attractive


I think it’s a pretty universal truth that almost all men truly have no idea about anything that goes on in a woman’s mind. It’s like we’re completely different species at times. Which is why it’s nice when they occasionally drop some bread crumbs to help us along the way in life so we’re not completely bewildered all of the time (just more like 96 percent of the time).

Unfortunately, for us men, it doesn’t happen on a daily basis so our muddled minds have a tendency to forget what they have taught us. And sometimes, even when they do teach us, it still doesn’t make a whole lot of sense to us.

Today is one of those days.

A popular post on Reddit recently asked women, “What is something you think most guys would be ashamed of, but you find to be a turn on or attractive quality?”

Good question, right? Wait until you read some of the answers. (Might want to take some notes – that whole remembering thing, remember?)

Nerding out about something There’s nothing more attractive than being passionate about a hobby or ideal. An opportunity to learn somethimg new is hot. (Obviously a common thread needs to be shared.)” [samloveszombies]

“I find guys with bags under their eyes weirdly super attractive.” [PrettyLittleBird] “This is IT for me. I love guys that look like a Tim Burton character.” [perpetualsadgirl]

“Not making a lot of money but showing an incredible work ethic. My husband made $9/hr when I met him but he does everything with such dilligence and precision that I knew he and I were a match. I luckily got a degree that earns well so I am the primary breadwinner and he is now a stay at home dad. His attention to details keeps our house running and I am able to see his strengths outside of his earning potential. That’s the great thing about our more progressive society, we can ignore tradition and do what makes us happy.” [iaspiretobeclever]

Body hair. I love it, I love the way it feels on my body when I’m naked, love running my fingers through it. It’s so sexy to look at, too. I don’t know why but part of my brain starts to go crazy.” [mydadisindianajones]

Women Revealed Things Men Do Make Them More Attractive


Messy hair — like, bedhead throughout the day. I like styled hair as long as it’s kinda like, still a bit messy or is a side part kinda? Like a grown out undercut. Or just overgrown haircuts that meet the ears. Hair is so important to me for some reason.

“I don’t like muscles, really, and I prefer really skinny men, usually, or guys that are average weight, but I just don’t like muscles. Never understood women who drool over magazine covers of the latest ‘hot’ Hollywood actor showing his abs, or whatever.

I love crooked teeth, I think they’re adorable.” [hubuhbuhbuhbuhbuhbuh]

“I don’t know if this is something men are actively ashamed of, but I find it really attractive when they have very put-together domestic lives. Doing their own laundry and ironing their clothes, planning meals and grocery shopping, and keeping their homes reasonably tidy are all ridiculously sexy. Also, having feminine interests and not feeling like less of a man!” [expiredlunchables]

“I like when a guys is going bald and completely shaves his whole head. Most guys seem touchy about it, but I kinda like it. Also grey hair. Me likey.” [Independent-worm]

Scars, they’ve made you the person you are.” [PhiFifi]

Guys who grew up in less than ideal situations. Poor, alcoholic parents, etc. People in general are sometimes ashamed of their backgrounds, but I admire the ones who get through it.” [friendlyghostgirl]

So there you have it, guys. Did that help? Like, at all? Yeah, I didn’t think so. Don’t worry. We’ll keep trying!

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