Windsurfing During Extreme Hurricane Conditions Might Be The Most Badass Sport You’ve Never Seen

Until I came across this footage of windsurfing in extreme hurricane conditions I’ve always considered the sport of windsurfing to be the red-headed stepchild of the board sport and extreme sports world. In fact, if you’d had asked me yesterday if windsurfing is an extreme sport I’d have told you ‘hell no’, but I’m suddenly thinking about it a little differently. I’ve always considered windsurfing to be the lame ass sport of your friend’s step-dad named Ron, or your aging cousin Lisa, not something that hardcore extreme sports enthusiasts do when hurricane-force winds bring raging waves into the region.

The footage above is part of the Red Bull Storm Chase, an event for windsurfers that has the sport’s elite athletes chasing down the craziest conditions worldwide. This is a promo clip for the 2017 Red Bull Storm Chase, an event that will feature Force 10 winds (89-102kmh), with raging waves. The event will take place in Winter 2017, when the conditions are just right, and if you’re a crazy MoFo looking to get in on this action it’s not too late to sign up.

You’d have to be a total madman to want to put yourself in these conditions:

…(h/t RedBull)…

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