Why Being Warm Is Better Than Just Being Polite

Part of making real, meaningful connections with others is making them feel welcome, which includes being polite. But, the real key is being warm, which goes beyond just giving people what they need, or treating them with basic respect. Here’s what we mean.

Politeness is important, make no mistake, but it can sometimes create distance rather than draw you closer to those around you. Being both polite and warm makes for authentic interactions that strengthen your relationships. In the video above, The School of Life explains a few ways to exude warmth.

  • Pay attention to people’s small needs. Look for little ways to help others, like offering a pillow or cozy blanket to make someone more comfortable when sitting on your couch.
  • Relate when someone does something embarrassing. If a friend lets a fart slip or spills their drink, make them feel at ease. For example, you could say, “Don’t worry about it, I’m usually the one making a mess.”
  • Be vulnerable and show your personality. Share a part of yourself by giving a homemade gift or card, or putting your favorite playlist on and inviting others to dance.

Open yourself up to others to come across as genuine. You have to do it with intention at first, but after a while, your warmth will be second nature.

How to Be Warm | The School of Life (YouTube)

from Lifehacker http://ift.tt/2hzcQa8