Where Is the Farthest Place You Can Be That’s Away from Everyone Else?

My life now has a purpose. I’ve discovered what I have to do before I die. From now on, every decision I make will be motivated to do one thing and one thing only: to find my way to Point Nemo, a place in the Pacific Ocean that’s the loneliest place on Earth.

Point Nemo is the furthest place in the world from any sort of human. Scratch off everything on the bucket list cause this is all there is. Don’t you dare meet me there.

Real Life Lore excellently breaks down various lonely places on Earth in this truly wonderful video—for curious people who hate other people. Depending on what you want, different spots in the world can suit your lonely needs. For example, Tristan Da Cunha in the south Atlantic is the most remote place in the world that’s already inhabited by humans (264 people). The closest place with other people is 1,243 miles away. That’s pretty remote if you don’t count the people living on the island with you.

Devon Island up in Canada is the size of Croatia but ain’t got a single soul living on it. That’s pretty nice, but there are 229 people living on the island next door just 50 miles away. We can’t have that, that’s way too close. So we’ve gotta go to Point Nemo, deep in the Pacific Ocean, where the closest inhabited land to you would be 1,671 miles away. Sure, there’s no land to live on out there but you’re so far away from anyone that the fastest anyone has ever gotten to Point Nemo still took 15 days. That is perfect.

from Gizmodo http://ift.tt/2he7hwY