Welp, here’s a photo of a Putin impersonator riding a bronze bull covered in dildos

A shirtless Vladimir Putin impersonator riding a bronze bull covered in dildos sounds like the beginning of a NSFW joke. In fact, it is a real thing that actually happened on Monday.

As an act of resistance, a Washington, D.C. ramen shop owner named Jeff Jetton pulled on a mask of the Russian prime minister’s and mounted the famous Charging Bull statue located on Wall Street in New York City, which he plastered with 130 sex toys.

“Anybody who tells you sex toys aren’t good tools of resistance has never had a bag of dicks and a little bit of ingenuity,” Jetton told Mashable via Twitter DM.

Jetton says he wasn’t the only one in on the prank, and that it was the work of activists hoping to showcase their “outrage at ongoing interference in American democracy by Vladimir Putin.”

According to HuffPost, local police reached out to Jetton on Tuesday evening. He posted about the exchange on Twitter, writing: “NYPD just invited me into the 1st precinct on Monday to receive a summons for my work as Putin on the Wall Street Charging Bull. I assume that’s some kind of award?”

As for future pranks, Jetton said he has “no plans that I’m sharing at the moment.”

Still, his plate’s pretty full even without large-scale pranks — according to the Daily Beast, he’s been conducting his own Russia investigation for months. Per the report, he’s texted with Carter Page and even scored an interview with a Steele dossier source by sending him a photo of a dog.

Now, he can also add performance activism to his resume.

from Mashable! http://bit.ly/2Ns0TyC