Weatherman’s Viral Tip On How To Instantly Defrost Your Windshield Is Something I Wish I Knew Earlier



If you’re like me, your method for defrosting your car windshield is carving out a four inch peep hole using the sleeve of your jacket so you can drive while your car defroster completes the job over the next 15 minutes. This is not safe and it’s a miracle I haven’t drove off an icy cliff employing this method. I would always think to myself (cue black and while footage of me strenuously scraping ice off my car) “THERE’S GOTTA BE A BETTER WAY!”

Well, thanks to Ken Weathers of Tennessee’s WATE 6 News, you can defrost your car windshield in seconds using products you likely have in your home.

I’ll let Kenny take it from here.

So there you have it bros: 2/3 parts Isopropyl/Rubbing alcohol and 1/3 parts water mixed together in a spray bottle. Works like a fucking charm.

[h/t Some e-Cards]