Va-va-vroom! I think I’m in love.


I have had an obsession with automotive design since I was a kid and loved imagining what the future held in terms of wild new cars. Looking at the Tauro concept, I feel like it’s all of my childhood automotive daydreams wrapped up into one mean-looking machine!

Named Tauro (Catalan for Shark), its aggressive styling takes inspiration from the shark. However, this autonomous electric hypercar is as much a technological exploration as a visual one. It features cool, new elements including an aerodynamically-optimized, self-healing “shark skin” that melds back together if a ding happens, a magnetic traction system that works in tandem with specialized roads to enhance grip, and recharging system that harnesses wind, solar, and kinetic energy.

Despite its low-slung look with a relatively short wheelbase, it’s got a big fat footprint that feels ultra-wide and adds to its grip and aesthetic aggressiveness. For me, I see a little bit of Lambo Diablo and Ford Indigo in the design language, but for you it might be something different… and that’s precisely its appeal. Still, it’s something entirely original. I only wish it were the real deal!

Designer: Lee Rosario



– Limitless range thanks to Multi-level lithium-ion battery recharge systems (kinetic brakes, wind gills, solar and magnetic recharge. Other than standard maintenance, eliminates the need for stop and go recharging.
– Magnetic propulsion rims.
– Fully self-healing ultralight biometric titanium carbon “shark skin” for superior strength and superior drag reduction at high speeds.
– Specialized magnetic propulsion rims and wheels designed for speeds of up to 350mph (563kph) on specialized magnetic grip roads and 250mph (402kph) on standard roads.
– Fully wireless updatable software interface and vehicle management systems.
– Intelligent A.I. biometric cpu with predictive vehicle control, systems management and human well being systems.
– Jet fighter two person seating arrangement.
– Holographic projection exterior lighting.
– Aerodynamic plasma headlight/tail light system.
– Adjustable privacy cockpit window goes from carbon glass to fully opaque at driver’s command.












from Yanko Design