Trtl Makes Sleeping On Planes Less of a Pain in the Neck

Most travel pillows are either bulky rings of memory foam or inflatable innertubes, but Trtl is a totally different concept that saves space while providing great neck support.

Trtl is essentially a soft, scarf-like neck wrap with bent plastic ribs on one side, the idea being that the frame will support your head and neck when you doze off. In my personal experience, it really is more supportive than even the reader-favorite Cabeau Evolution memory foam pillow, although you can definitely tell that you’re being held up by a latticework of plastic, even if is wrapped in soft fabric.

If you prefer to fall asleep face down on your travel pillow atop your tray table, this is definitely not the pillow for you. But if you can stay upright and just want to avoid waking up with a crick in your neck, Trtl is well worth $30, if only to make flying economy suck just a tiny bit less.

from Lifehacker