To Celebrate National Pizza Month Here Are Some Absurd Statistics About How Much We Love Our ‘Za

We, as Americans, really love our pizza. No, I mean REALLY love it. (As long as no one spits in it, of course.)

As we learned back in August, worldwide, the average person will munch their way through 731 pizzas in their lifetime – or an incredible 5,847 slices.

And while it’s not a nationally-recognized holiday here in America (though it should be), October is National Pizza Month.

So in honor of National Pizza Month, which was first observed in October 1984, the folks over at Ellio’s pizza and Virtuoso pizza gathered up some statistics which show precisely how much we, as Americans, love our pizza.

• 97% of Americans eat pizza.
• Americans consume 350 slices of pizza every second.
• 1 in 3 would give up social media for pizza.
• 28% are likely to eat frozen pizza in the next week.
• 31% of all Americans think pizza is the best food in the world.


• 40% of millennials think pizza is the best food in the world.
• 1 in 4 millennials agree that nothing is better than having a frozen pizza waiting for you at home.
• 35% of millennials crave pizza delivery after it’s too late to order.
• Pizza is most popular in the Northeast.
• The most popular day of the week to eat pizza is Saturday.