smartduvet 2



Making the bed every morning can feel cumbersome, especially when
you’re running late.

But the SmartDuvet,
a comforter insert that automatically straightens your
, could make the whole process easier.

Sound magical? The concept is actually pretty simple — the insert
is inflatable.

The SmartDuvet comes in a lattice shape, and slips inside your
duvet cover. While you sleep, it remains uninflated. But when you
want to make your bed in the morning, you attach the
insert to a hose, which connects to a small
battery-powered pump that blows air into the duvet
to inflate it.

smart duvet

And voilá, it places the duvet back into position. The box can
sense when the device is fully inflated — at that point,
it shuts off automatically. Another button lets the air back
out. The SmartDuvet also connects
wifi and pairs with a compatible app, which
allows the user to schedule a preset time for
their comforter to make itself every morning.

The SmartDuvet launched
on Kickstarter
in late November and is about $3,000 away
from its $22,000 goal as of writing. Early backers can purchase
one at any size for $199, but it will later retail for $309 to
$349 (depending on the size).

If freeing yourself from your daily bed-making obligation is
worth that hefty price tag, the SmartDuvet could be a dream come