This Restaurant In Denmark Ages Their Steaks INSIDE Of A Butter Cocoon And Holy Crap Does This Look Amazing

I haven’t even eaten breakfast yet and here I am, daydreaming about this steak in Denmark that’s aged INSIDE of a block of salted butter for over a month.

There are a lot of chefs and restaurants who go viral for creating outrageous dishes that look cool on Instagram but *probably* don’t taste too great, Chef Casper Stuhr Sobczyk is not one of those chefs.

For his work at the Marienlyst Strandhotel in Denmark, Chef Casper is making headlines all across the world of gastronomy for his pioneering approach to aging steaks. In this clip from INSIDER, the chef from Helsingør, Denmark breaks down the differences between dry aging and wet aging steaks and how aging a steak locked inside a cocoon of butter is the perfect way to create a world-class steak:

Here’s a YouTube version of that video if you’d rather watch on YouTube than Twitter:

Here’s what the finished product looks like:

Instagram Photo

As you can imagine, after this video from INSIDER hit Twitter a lot of food-loving individuals like myself had some very strong and visceral reactions to the idea that you could physically age a steak inside of butter.

I must admit, this reaction pretty much summed up my feelings about this butter-aged steak. It’s not a mere want, it’s a necessity that I try this at some point:

So, who else is ready to book some flights to Denmark? I hear it’s a rowdy place to spend New Year’s Eve.