This New Odorless Underwear Lined With Silver Is A Game-Changer For Your Downstairs Parts

y athletics odorless underwear

Y Athletics – the same company that released odorless shirts and anti-stink socks – has a Kickstarter campaign to produce odorless underwear that’s lined with silver and won’t ride up into your cup area.

As of publish, they’ve raised well beyond their goal of $20,000, attracting more than 3,000 backers for a total exceeding $270,000. Each pair costs about $25, but you’ll only need to wear two pair per week. Plus, they look better than your smiley-face Joe Boxers from high school.

According to Y, you can wash the undies and they’ll never lose shape or effectiveness ever. It’s important to note, these aren’t diapers, so ease up on the pee and feces, B.

The campaign ends Saturday, August 27th, so get your pledges in at Kickstarter.

If you pick up a pair, make sure to remove them when you go to bed. Apparently, bad things happen to your genitals when you wear underoos to snooze.

If embarrassing boners are still an issue, there’s underwear for that problem as well.

If you’re looking to become a proud papa one day and you’re worried about frying your lil’ guys with your laptop, there’s underwear that protects you from radiation. Here at BroBible, we’ve got your balls and peen covered!

If you just want to see women try on men’s underwear, take down that Craigslist ad, and click here.

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