This Mind-Blowing Time Lapse Of The Grand Canyon Is The ONLY Way To Start Your Day

We live in a pretty f’n spectacular world. From the Rocky Mountains to the Amazon Rainforest our planet is awesome. I was in Las Vegas two weeks ago from today and was fortunate enough to have a window seat on the plane.

Flying from Florida to Vegas you truly get a sense of how different our country can be. Taking off in the sub-tropical lush green land and blue waters of Southwest Florida, and landing just over the Grand Canyon. It’s hard to put it all into perspective, how incredible our country is, and how our great nation is just an ecological slice of the pie across the planet.

I’ve taken a helicopter tour of the Grand Canyon in the past, but I’ve never seen it from the ground. Next time I’m out there I am determined to do some hiking and really try to get the lay of the land because this is one of the most moving nature time lapses I’ve ever seen.

Shout out to my friend Julie for sharing this on Facebook!