This Dude Travels The World And Gets To Stay At The Most Insane Airbnbs On The Planet For Free

We can go ahead and add this to the ever-expanding list of awesome jobs that my high school guidance counselor failed to ever tell me about. So what if I only ever met with that guidance counselor to talk about college choices and not jobs but it still would’ve been cool if somebody (anybody!!) told me that I could get paid to travel the world and stay at the most luxurious properties on the planet for free.

Ryan Clark Doyle (@ryanclarkdoyle) owns Video Vision 360 and he uses a barter system to travel the world and film stunning videos of the most over-the-top Airbnb properties imaginable and put them on YouTube for promotional purposes. The Airbnb owner gets an awesome video of their property that they can share with their listing to lure in potential customers and Ryan Clark Doyle gets to travel the globe and stay at houses/hotels that only the 1% could typically afford.

INSIDER caught up with Ryan Clark Doyle to talk to him about his favorite Airbnbs on the planet along with how he got into this line of work:

I’m not here to tell you to quit your job because you saw some YouTube video about a guy living the dream, but, if you hate your job then you should really think hard about what it is that makes you happy. If you’re stuck in a miserable spot then now might be the time to start jotting down some ideas on how you can make changes to start living the life you thought you were destined for. Write it down. Once you do that those goals become real and you can start working towards them.

Here’s a glimpse at what Ryan’s Airbnb videos look like. This one is for a full private island rental in Belize: