This Chick’s Uber Driver Was The Guy With The ’You’ve Got Mail’ Voice From AOL!!!

I haven’t thought about the ‘You’ve Got Mail’ voice for quite some time, but when I heard this Uber driver speak it all came flooding back to my memory. In the clip above, a girl is getting picked up her Uber driver and she recognizes that face. As it turns out, he is THE VOICE behind AOL’s infamous ‘You’ve Got Mail’ sound, a voice so popular it was even the title of a Tom Hanks movie back in 1998.

The man behind AOL’s ‘You’ve Got Mail’ voice is Elwood Edwards, which is a pretty fanfuckingtastic name if you ask me. I’ve never actually me tan Elwood in person, but maybe it’s a generational thing.

Anyways, Elwood Edwards is still alive and kicking, and these days he’s driving and Uber around the great state of Ohio. This clip surfaced when a woman by the name of Brandee Barker realized who was behind the wheel and sent out a tweet of Elwood saying his famous catchphrase:

Kind of bums you out that one of the most famous voices in Internet history is forced to spend his retirement driving an Uber. I guess those royalty checks from AOL never kicked in. Actually, I’m now wondering if AOL even exists anymore because I haven’t seen an @AOL email address and/or an AOL article in years. Do I care enough to go to wwwdotAOLdotcom and see what it’s like? Absolutely not.

…(h/t Fox News)…

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