This Chart Showing How Various Extravagant Purchases Are Literal Pocket Change To Billionaires Makes Me Sad

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Odds are, most of you guys reading this aren’t reading it from a gold-encrusted toilet. You don’t have a mansion in the hills or a six-car garage or a fruit punch water fountain in your crib. You’re probably making enough loot to pay rent or a mortgage and indulge yourself on vacations and material objects occasionally. It ain’t ideal, but could be worse.

You want to feel shitty about your financial situation? You have no choice. Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, the richest man in the world with an $130 billion fortune, made an average of $107 million per day in 2017, per Business Insider calculations. The value of $1 to the average person equals about $88,000 to Bezos. It’s difficult to even conceptualize that much wealth.

The folks over at Business Insider crunched some numbers to determine how the spending power of billionaires, of which there are 2,000 worldwide, compares to that of average people (using a median household income of $59,039 per year).

The median fortune of a Forbes list billionaire is about $2 billion. A conservative 4% annual withdrawal rate would bring their income to about $80 million a year.

At that rate, the value of $1 to the average person is the same as $1,355 to a billionaire. That means the stomach pinch you feel when you drop $100 on something is how a billionaire feels when they spend $135,500.

Make yourselves feel awful by looking at the chart below and seeing how purchases for an average person equates to someone with a $2 billion fortune.

Business Insider

Now if you’ll excuse me while I scrape together enough change to buy a bagel for breakfast. Hey Bezos, FUCK YOU!

[h/t Business Insider]