This 50-Foot-Tall Tornado Made Of Fire Is Proof That Nature Wants Us All Dead


Guido Jansen / Unsplash

In 2016, the Sharknado franchise was beginning to stagnate and they realized the next film needed something to really bring it to the next level. That x-factor was the ‘firenado‘.

A firenado is one of the most Heavy Hetal phenomenon found in nature. It’s beyond terrifying.

The firenado is exactly what it sounds like, it’s when a tornado catches fire. This happens when a tornado picks up some sort of flammable items into the vortex of doom like burning gasoline and voila, you’ve got a firenado.

Earlier this week, the Leicestershire Fire and Rescue in England captured footage of a 50-foot firenado reigning terror upon the world. The fire broke out at a plastics factory Derbyshire where there were no reported injuries, but according to Mashable the fire was so massive it could be seen up to 26 miles away.

Footage of this 50-foot firenado has taken the Internet by storm. It’s an awesome sight to behold, and one that’s racked up over 400,000 views on Facebook and hundreds of thousands more on YouTube:


We here at BroBible have a rich history of appreciating the firenado for being one of the most awesome spectacles in nature.

One instance that comes to mind was this firenado at the Jim Beam factory which was filmed over two years back:

That all went down when a booze-filled lake caught fire on the property. So not only are we looking at a glorious firenado there but it’s also one fueled by Jim Beam.

I’ve never been fortunate enough to see a firenado in person…yet. That’s certainly an item to add to ye olde bucket list.

I have seen countless waterspouts out in the Gulf of Mexico and in The Bahamas. One time, I was on the beach in the Siesta Key Village when a tiny tornado popped up out of nowhere, grabbed our cooler and chairs and gear, threw our stuff in every direction (including about 100 empty beer cans), and we were all left running in every direction.

That was a wild experience but it still has nothing on seeing a firenado in person.