These Were the Most Read Books of 2017, According to Amazon

While Amazon sells a plethora of things these days (yep, even tiny houses), they started with books. Here’s what people read the most—and the fastest—in 2017.

According to Amazon Charts, people couldn’t put down the following titles. These Kindle and Audible books were read faster than comparable tomes:

People picked up a lot of non-fiction in 2017. The top titles included not giving a fuck, long-lauded self help books, and comedians’ memoirs, among others (like a soon-to-be-untrue job title):

The most read fiction includes many a film or TV adaptation that made its way to the screen, as well as an ever-present wizard boy.

Not feeling any of these? One of our contributors, Samantha read 75 books in 2017. Here are her top ten favorites.

from Apartment Therapy