These Surfers Are Living Off-The-Grid With A Van That’s Been Converted Into A Dope Camper

surfing camper van

YouTube / SurfTripping

In the modern era, we’re all guilty of being attached to our smartphones/computers/jobs 24 hours a day. At some point, we’re all guilty of woolgathering and daydreaming about living off the grid.

Few among us have the balls to actually shake modern society and go live off the grid but those that do are generally living the #VanLife these days. Van Life is one of the most fascinating cultures on Instagram. At its core, it involves taking a large van and converting it into a comfortable living shelter that’s also capable of traveling wherever you want to go.

The two surfers below have the YouTube channel ‘SurfTripping‘ which only has four videos on the channel, all of which are tours of their van. Clearly, they’re all sorts of stoked about this van and you will be too after seeing how they’ve converted it into a comfy home that they can take anywhere to follow the waves.

If I can make a quick suggestion: this entire video’s great but the opening sequence of them surfing is a little lengthy. You can jump ahead to around the 2:20 mark of the video which is where the tour of the van starts or you can just watch the clip on 2x speed to soak up all of the gorgeous surfing footage:

If you want more from Surf Tripping you can follow them on Instagram where they share photos from their Van Life on the road.

Shout out to The Inertia for finding/sharing this clip