These Pictures Of People Before And After Quitting Drinking May Make Me Reconsider Getting Blind Drunk This Afternoon


Bored Panda

4 years sober ^

We all know “technically” drinking is bad for you. Excessive drinking can damage the heart, interfere with the brain’s communication pathways, destroy the liver, and weaken the immune system.

*Slowly puts down Steel Reserve*

I’d argue, however, that the damage drinking does to one’s body is peanuts in comparison to the damage everyday life does on the sober person. There is not one scenario on the planet where drinking doesn’t enhance one’s experience. Besides running. And running sucks so that doesn’t count. And drinking is as big as a social lubricant as it is a stress reliever. Personally, I cannot stop drinking because then I wouldn’t have any friends. They are degenerates. But they are my degenerates, and for that reason, cheers.

But some people, better people than I, have the self-restraint to stop drinking to “get healthy” and “invest in their future” and “stop a downward spiral.” These people have shared before and after pictures of their journey to soberdom and for a second I thought about thinking about not drinking tonight.

Compiled by Bored Panda:

8.5 Months Sober


Bored Panda

300 Days Sober


Bored Panda

1 Year Sober


Bored Panda

99 Days Sober 


Bored Panda

500 Days Sober


1 Year Sober


6 Months Sober


Both 3 years, 4 months, 17 days sober


1 Year Sober


Props to all these people who overcame their addictions for themselves and the people they love.

For the rest of you, tryna get blind drunk tonight?

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