These Gorgeous Planetary Vistas Are Real Models, Not CGI Magic

Image credit: Adam Makarenko. All images credited as such unless otherwise stated, and used with permission of the artist.

This isn’t some neat CGI wallpaper or a bit of deep space photography. It’s a gorgeously detailed picture of a practical model, hand-made and then intricately shot to a make it look just as good as any scifi vista you’ll see in on screen.

As part of a new series, photographer Adam Makarenko uses his modelmaking know-how—which we’ve featured before on io9—to craft intricate fictional landscapes and exoplanets, before shooting them to look like they’re the latest stellar photography straight from a deep space mission. They’re simply presented, but the crazy work that goes into making these worlds look real is nothing short of remarkable.

You can see more images from the series, and behind-the-scenes looks at Makarenko’s work over at his website.

[Adam Makarenko via BoingBoing]

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