These 13 medical technologies are changing lives

These medical technologies are changing the future and providing alternatives for the medical world. Following is a transcript of the video.  

13 medical advances that are changing lives

#1 The iWalk 2.0 is a hands-free crutch that helps with everyday tasks. It helps transfer the stress and strain of hands, wrists and underarms to your legs.

#2 Bronchial Bronchial Thermoplasty System can help treat severe asthma attacks. A flexible tube is passed through the patient’s nose or mouth. An expandable electrode array emerges from the tip of the device.

#3  Naked Prosthetics help give amputees motor function and protection. They are custom-developed for those with finger loss. They help amputees perform most tasks by mimicking natural finger motion.

#4  This device removes large blood clots. It’s the MegaVac Mechanical Thrombectomy System by Capture Vascular. A wire is inserted through the blockage. It can deploy, expand, and pull back the blood clot.

#5  This tube called Venti Gel instantly stops bleeding. The material is made from algae. It is made from small polymers that reassemble into a mesh to create a strong mechanical barrier and stop the bleeding.

#6  This tiny machine could remove cholesterol plaque from arteries. The device attaches to the wall of the artery to stop the blood flow and prevent breakaway plaque. The drill then scrapes the plaque away from the artery wall.

#7 This robotic pill knows just when to release medicine. The pill travels through the body without dissolving. Once it reaches the large intestine, the compartment opens and the medicine is released.

#8 Crutches are getting a redesign that could make them more comfortable. M & D crutches shift the weight to the elbows and offer more control. You can rotate them away for hands-free use. They allow patients to reach higher while the feet absorb shock and prevent slippage.

#9  The "Bridge-Enhanced" ACL repair may be the future of knee surgery. A protein sponge is inserted between the torn ligament filled with the patient’s blood. The damaged ends are then pulled together in the sponge.

#10 Surgeons in New York completed the most complex facial transplant to date. Patrick Hardison, a former fireman got trapped inside of a home fire in Mississippi. It was a 26- hour surgery to replace his entire face.

#11 These prosthetics are incredibly realistic. Dianceht makes custom prosthetic parts that are silicon-based and hand-painted. They are attached using suction or medical glue.

#12 Craniotomy is a procedure that exposes the brain to remove tumors. This procedure allows surgeons to access the tumor through the skull.

#13 XSTAT can plug a gunshot wound in under 20 seconds. This large syringe is loaded with tiny sponges that can quickly expand on contact with blood to tightly pack the wound.


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