The worst album of every year since 2000, according to music critics

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Each year in music, one album draws the ire of enough critics to be named the worst LP of the year.

Since the turn of the century, the review aggregator Metacritic has compiled an annual list of the year’s most poorly received albums by assigning scores based on composite critical reception.

We selected the most critically panned album from each year, starting with 2000 (and including the worst of 2018 so far). The resulting list includes appearances from popular artists like Justin Timberlake, The Chainsmokers, and Lil Wayne.

Check out the worst album of each year in the new century so far:

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2000: Enya — "A Day Without Rain"

Critic score: 41/100

User score: 8.5/10

What critics said: "Yanni is Tchaikovsky by comparison, Sarah McLachlan, Ella Fitzgerald. Like Master P or Michael Bolton only worse, she tests one’s faith in democracy itself." — The Village Voice

Listen to it here.

2001: Run-DMC — "Crown Royal"

Critic score: 43/100

User score: 4.3/10

What critics said: "The musical equivalent of Willie Mays stumbling around in the outfield years after his skills were gone, ‘Crown Royal’ fails in the most arbitrary, impersonal way possible." — The AV Club

Listen to it here.

2002: Phil Collins — "Testify"

Critic score: 34/100

User score: 6.3/10

What critics said: "Middle-age is no excuse for such an unforgivably bland collection of over-emoted love songs." — Q Magazine

Listen to it here.

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