The World’s First Cannabis-Infused Fitness Water Is About To Make Exercise Better (But It Won’t Get You Baked)


There’s nothing wrong with smoking weed and being a dude who likes to stay in shape (see: Ricky Williams). Now a company is creating a fitness water infused with CBD, one of the “body high” components of cannabis. It’s called EVERx water and it will be available in states that are 4/20 friendly, including Colorado, Washington, Oregon, Nevada, and California.

CBD is an ideal component of a pre and post workout regime.  CBD works as an anti-inflammatory and relieves muscle spasms.  CBD also works to relieve pain.  CBD protects the heart, lungs and brain. Often essential when it comes to high intensity and competitive training, CBD reduces nausea, increases appetite and aides sleep. Ongoing research continues in regard to CBD as a treatment for sports related head trauma. CBD is not just a good addition to an athletes training regime; It can be the foundation of a healthy wellness routine for everyone (CBD Athletic Recovery).

It’s only packed with CBD so, no, you will *not* be working out while blazed out of your gourd. So go ahead and save the bong rips for those marathon mid-winter Netflix binges.


[H/T: Eater]