The Secret to Becoming Wealthy That Only 5 Percent of People Know

The truth about to seeing more in your bank account is thinking outside of the box — and then scaling it.

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For Entrepreneur Network partner Jeff Rose, the secret to becoming wealthy was never obvious to him growing up. Eventually, he was able to discern one particular habit that people who are financially wealthy adopted. In this video, Rose explains that one thing that, as he puts it, 95 percent of people who want to be wealthy neglect to do.

Rose talks about when he began his career as a financial advisor, he always felt the only path to financial freedom was putting his money into mutual funds and ETFs. The reality is, for the high earners, long-term strategy that can scale up is how you can be wealthy. 

Before Rose started his finance blog, “Good Financial Cents,” he relied on his financial planning business to make money. Raising income that was independent from his salaried job was an important step to earning more. 

By starting his side business and paying attention to how he could scale it, he realized new ways to make money. Simple making an extra $100 a week created new opportunities for Rose to not only expand his income, but also expand his entire earning universe.

To listen to Rose’s complete financial story on moving down a path of wealth, click on the video above. 

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