The Rarest Type Of Beef In The World Is Now On Sale In The U.S. For The First Time Ever

wagyu beef

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Here in America, we have some of the best beef in the world. We probably treat our prized cattle better than any other country around and our steakhouses in America are truly second to none. You can get a world-class steakhouse steak in every major city across the United States but there’s one type of beef we can’t (regularly) get here in America…Genuine Wagyu Beef.

You’ll find certain types of Wagyu Beef on steakhouse menus here in America but it’s rare, and when you do see it you don’t know for certain if it’s Wagyu-style beef that’s been grown in America mimicking Japanese style cattle raising or if it’s imported…But there’s one specific type of Wagyu beef that has NEVER before been available in America until now, Olive Wagyu.

The unbelievable fat content and marbling in Olive Wagyu beef come from the cows in Japan eating spent olives used in olive oil production. For the first time, Olive Wagyu will be available in the United States but there’s a slight catch: you’ll need to be a Crowd Cow member.

Existing members of Crowd Cow will get the first crack at purchasing the Olive Wagyu, according to their website:

How do I access the event?
— For a chance to purchase Olive Wagyu, be sure to sign up for Crowd Cow and become a Steak Holder (i.e., make your first purchase) before it goes on sale again this summer.
— That’s right: all of our existing customers get first dibs on this exclusive beef. All those — — Steak Holders will get access to the event once it goes live.

If there is any left, the event will open to the public the next day. Last time we sold out in minutes!
What is Olive Wagyu?
Olive Wagyu is raised on a handful of farms in and around Shodoshima Island in Japan’s smallest prefecture, Kagawa. Olive Wagyu brings everything you’ve come to love about Wagyu, but is far, far rarer and packs a more powerful umami flavor. Only a small amount of Olive Wagyu is harvested per month, because only a few farmers on the planet — all clustered in coastal Kagawa — raise it. Crowd Cow sources from three small farms in Kagawa that upcycle wasted olive pulp from olive oil production as feed for their cows, which results in exceptionally high levels of oleic acid (that’s the health fat that gives the beef its extraordinary softness and melt-in-your-mouth feel).

This release of rare Olive Wagyu will sell out within minutes. So if you want a crack at purchasing the rarest beef on the planet you’ll need to click here to become a Crowd Cow member. If you want to learn more about Olive Wagyu you can check out this video:

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