The Next Development for Personal Assistants?

Smart Speakers are gradually making themselves more known within our lives, with an array of smart-devices now available to choose from. However, the Google Visual Assistant concept brings a new layer of communication to the table… Visual Artificial Intelligence.

Designed to use the capabilities of Google’s artificial intelligence and speech and sound recognition, this captivating projector opens us up to new possibilities! The introduction of a projector allows for films, images and displays to be viewed on near-by walls, elevating the usability and adding a new line of communication to the device. Google’s distinctive design style has been beautifully integrated into the device; functional simplicity has driven the design, with careful attention being paid to the material and color selection. This leads to a device that carries a familiar aesthetic and one which would look great within a domestic environment!

Designers: Pascal Grangier & Jiwon Seo

from Yanko Design