The Morning After: Thursday, January 18th 2018

The next big Nintendo gaming accessory? Cardboard. The games maker unveiled Labo, a DIY add-on system for kids to fold and stick together peripherals from cardboard — proving once again that Nintendo is the good kind of crazy. Elsewhere we’ve got iPhone bugs, more cool cars I can’t afford and unlimited data on Google’s Project Fi.

Crazy.Nintendo unveils Labo, DIY cardboard add-ons for the Switch

Behold Labo, a set of DIY tools built on cardboard sheets that turns the console into a powerhouse of play. Make a piano with the Switch’s screen for music. No, wait, a motorcycle game with cardboard handlebars. A house with the Switch displaying an interior you can customize. Now is the era of the Toy-Con — and it involves a recyclable robo-suit. Yay!

Currently, older phones silently begin to run slower if they detect battery problems.
Apple CEO: iPhone owners will be able to disable power management

About a month ago, Apple explained that slower performance of older iPhones is intentional, implemented as a power-management plan through an iOS update. While it was ostensibly intended to prevent phones from crashing in situations when their worn-out battery couldn’t supply enough juice to support demanding functions, owners were (and still are) upset they weren’t notified it was happening. In fact, it was only discovered through benchmarks. In an apology, Apple lowered the price of battery replacements and promised an iOS update that would inform users when the phone detects battery problems. CEO Tim Cook said that owners will be able to check the health of their battery as well as turn off the performance-slowing power management, with a warning that it could lead to unexpected restarts.

You’ll have to pay extra to use all that data at full speed.
Google’s Project Fi now offers unlimited data (with a catch)

Google’s Project Fi can make sense if you only use a smattering of data and want to save money, but if you consume copious gigabytes it’s not so much of a great deal. Thankfully, there’s now an unlimited option… of sorts. Google has introduced a Bill Protection feature that caps your data bill at $60 if you use over 6GB in a given month. In other words, $60 (plus your base bill) gives you as much data as you need. It’s not quite an unlimited plan in the strictest sense, though — it’s more of a bridge between Fi’s original approach and what incumbent US carriers offer.

Don’t send it to anyone, unless you want to be really annoying.
chaiOS bug can cause iMessage to crash with a text message

There’s a new bug floating around called chaiOS, which appears to be a basic GitHub link. However, when you text it to a person via the iMessage app (whether on iOS or MacOS), it will crash the app and possibly cause the device to freeze and restart. In other words: Be aware of it, and don’t send it to anyone.

Yes, that is a G-Wagon inside a block of resin.
The most eye-catching cars and tech from NAIAS 2018 in Detroit

Next week, the NAIAS opens to the public, and if you can’t make it to the Mitten State yourself but still want a peek at what’s tucked inside Detroit’s Cobo Center, we’ve got you covered.

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