The Microlino makes ‘adorable’ an automotive trait

As far as automobiles go, cute isn’t a term you see thrown around too often. The VW Beetle, for instance was one of the first cars to be perceived as cute (I’m more of a Mini Cooper man myself), but post its success, not many cars have harnessed that aesthetic… or harnessed it well (Google’s self-driving car looks cute, but feels more like a toy robot than a car).

Inspired by the BMW Isetta from the 50s (another adorable car), the Microlino does a rather wonderful job of looking cute, but at the same time also looking road-friendly. It harnesses the color palette you’d associate with Vespa and Lambretta scooters, and applies it to itself, looking friendly and approachable, but more importantly, it looks fit for the road. The electric car comes at just 2.4 meters long, and doesn’t have doors on the sides, but rather has one on the front. The dashboard and steering wheel literally open along with the door on the front, that allows both driver and passenger to board and deboard the vehicle. Its rather compact build makes it perfect for commuting effectively within the crowded city, although its aesthetic makes it ideal for a road trip on the French Riviera… and depending on the battery you choose, you can travel as much as 125 miles on a single charge.

The Microlino grabbed our attention primarily for its aesthetic, and held onto our attention with its impressive interiors and feature list. I’m personally not a speed-seeker myself, and consider the Vespa to be my soul-vehicle… but after seeing the Microlino, I may just change my mind! Besides, would you just look at those absolutely heart-warming color options!?

Designer: Micro Mobility











from Yanko Design