The Internet Is In A Heated Debate About Toast And There Seems To Be No Right Answer



Another summer weekend is upon us, which means there’s not a hell of a lot to talk about on the internet.

Not counting all the things wrong with our government.

That said, there’s a heated debate raging, and it revolves around everyone’s 4th or 5th favorite breakfast item – toast.

Ann Wilson, lead singer of Heart (ask your mom), posted this photo and asked for the “correct” answer to the level of done-ness for toast.

Personally, I fall in the 3/4 range but only because I’m impatient as hell. Waiting for food is torture.

I’m the person who makes eggs and bacon but makes bacon first and then eats it all before the eggs are done.

People had things to say about this toast issue.

Obviously, that last person is either a murderer or the President.

Because this is the internet, there’s a YouTube tutorial on how to properly make toast.

Good luck at breakfast tomorrow.