The ‘Fold’ wallet is a completely seamless card, currency, and coin carrier!

The Fold is as simple as it’s functional, say the guys at Lemur Design. They’re right. When packaged, the Fold wallet comes as an open, unfolded piece of leather, secured to a packaging board that also contains the instructions to assemble the wallet together. With two simple fasteners, the Fold wallet comes together, transforming from a flat piece of leather, to an incredibly useful, classy, zero-compromise wallet that’s sure to spark conversation.

The Fold wallet is one of Lemur Design’s many single-piece-foldables, and comes crafted from a single piece of full-grain vegetable-tanned leather. Its unfolded, flat form folds together in three quick steps, going from a mundane piece of leather to a feature-laden wallet that holds your cards, banknotes, and even your coins! The wallet comes with two access-points, allowing you to quickly reach your cards or bills via the main flap, and access your coins in their dedicated coin-pouch via a secondary flap.

The straightforward, fold-to-assemble design looks deceptively simple, but is, in fact, an ingenious piece of origami-inspired artistry that goes from flat to fully-functional in less than five seconds. Its one-piece design not only makes the Fold wallet last longer than most conventional wallets that come assembled with stitches or glued seams, effectively bypassing all their weak points; but also gives it a unique design language that unites Lemur Design’s other fold-centric products. Besides the entire act of assembling your wallet is definitely the very highlight of owning this absolute beauty, is it not?!

Designer: Lemur Design

from Yanko Design