The Ferrari Aliante Barchetta was designed for lovers of nostalgia

It’s difficult to find a car in 2019 that has a complete fuel-powered drive, with a manual gearbox and no electronic driving aids. Looking at the glorious past for inspiration, the conceptual Aliante Barchetta (Italian for gliding boat) is a taste of fond Ferrari glory of the yesteryears. In the modern age, the Aliante Barchetta is designed for nostalgic petrolheads, with a naturally aspirated flat 12 engine with independent throttle bodies, manual gearbox, and the absence of any electronic driving aids. However, it takes on a classic-meets-contemporary approach on the outside, with a couple of cues taken from Ferrari and Pininfarina’s design language through the 2000s, and a complete departure from the edgy, faceted design language of modern-day supercars. The Aliante Barchetta comes with a carbon fibre monocoque with integrated seats, big scoops, no doors, no windows and no roof. Designed by a supercars-of-the-heyday fanatic, the conceptual 2019 Aliante Barchetta clearly is a hat-tip to the glory of automotive design from the good old days… and as designer Daniel Soriano rather eloquently states his design brief, “Modern hipsters will hate it”.

Designer: Daniel Soriano

from Yanko Design