The Breezeye guides you into perfectly applying your eye-drops


The Breezeye has a unique and innovative way of guiding a user into applying eyedrops perfectly every single time. While most redesigns in this domain aim at having an intermediary component that holds the bottle directly over your eye and keeps it open, Weinan Yang’s Breezeye is simple, smart, and efficient every time.

What the Breezeye does is notice a key failure point that standard eyedrop bottles miss. When you’re putting drops in your eye, your eye’s reflexes are usually on high-alert, given that a foreign substance is entering it. Holding a bottle directly above said eye gets your eye blinking and you flinching involuntarily, and the fact that the bottle is suspended in mid-air makes aiming very difficult. The Breezeye’s unique design lets it rest on the bridge of your nose. The design of the bottle allows it to align itself with your eye, while the fact that it’s resting on your nose means the bottle is far more steady. You eventually apply the drops by squeezing the opposite end of the bottle that’s directly above your other eye, allowing you to see how hard you’re pressing the bottle, while also cleverly distracting you from the reflex action of blinking right before the drops fall!

Designer: Weinan Yang





from Yanko Design