The Best Burning Man Travel Tips From Our Readers

This week Hack Your City went to Black Rock City, the seasonal settlement that fills up every August for Burning Man. Readers gave tips for surviving the heat, the dust, and the sensory overload. Honestly it sounds like literal hell to me, but people seem to have a good time there! Read all the comments on the original post, or catch the highlights below.

  • “Don’t set your expectations too high. The burn may or may not be life-changing for you (or not in the way you think, or as quickly as you think, etc. etc.), and that’s OK. Sometimes a great party is just a great party.”—dr_bombay
  • “If you drive there have a total change of clothes that you leave in your car. When you get back to it leave all your burner clothes outside the car, and put them in a trash bag. Seal it. Dispose of sensibly. You won’t want them again.”—treessimon
  • “Wear loose-fitting clothing or as little as possible, because sand and dust gathers in elastic bandings of underwear and will chafe and drive you crazy.”—jcn-txct
  • “Consider attending one of the smaller regional burns before heading to Black Rock. They’re great fun and an excellent way to learn about the Principles, community, volunteering, and more general stuff like what to bring.”—PshNope
  • “Whenever you leave camp, take your scarf and dunk it in ice cold cooler water for a few seconds, then throw it over your head when you get on your bike. Instant A/C.”—Mike F
  • “As tradition goes, bring a bottle of whiskey or a pack or two of PBR for the Gate crew. It’s always best to keep the Gate family happy.”—Blahblahwoo
  • Bring apple cider vinegar for your hair. “It will rinse out a lot of the dust and gunk and grease,” says M-B, when you don’t have enough water for a shower and shampoo.
  • “Thursday Night Meltdown Awareness. By Thursday it will all be too much and you will sink in a puddle of over-stimulation and fatigue and emotions. Be kind to yourself on Thursday. Take an extra nap.”—melosond
  • “Pickles are a blessing, especially on a hot day when you’ve sweated out all your electrolytes. The juice is also really good for the same reason.”—silveroracle 

Thanks to all the experienced Burners who gave advice! All the best comments are featured in the Staff tab under the original post. (Comments saying “don’t go to Burning Man because I personally don’t like it” are not featured in the Staff tab, and we don’t understand why anyone wastes their lives writing them.) If you have more Burning Man advice, comment below. And come back next week, when Hack Your City goes to South Africa.

from Lifehacker